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The Cincinnati Insurance Company leads our insurance group, consisting of its own four subsidiaries:

  • Our standard market property casualty insurance group markets a broad range of business and personal policies in 43 states, retaining a strong customer focus on our select group of approximately 1,700 agencies. The Cincinnati Casualty Company and The Cincinnati Indemnity Company round out this highly-rated group.
  • The Cincinnati Life Insurance Company subsidiary markets life insurance and fixed annuities.
  • The Cincinnati Specialty Underwriters Insurance Company offers excess and surplus lines insurance products.

Cincinnati Financial's three additional subsidiaries offer services that complement our insurance operations:

  • CFC Investment Company offers leasing and financing services.
  • CSU Producer Resources Inc., our wholly owned excess and surplus lines brokerage, serves the same local independent agencies that offer our standard market policies.
  • MSP Underwriting, a global specialty underwriter, was acquired in February 2019, and was rebranded Cincinnati Global Underwriting Ltd. on May 1, 2019. Based in London, Cincinnati Global Underwriting Ltd. operates through Cincinnati Global Underwriting Agency Ltd., which is the Lloyd's managing agent for Cincinnati Global Syndicate 318. Collectively, the group is known as Cincinnati Global.

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